I Am And What I’m Not

Why do I feel unworthy of anything? Less valuable than….? Why does what happened to me for years and still happens, make me feel those things?

Ugly? Who determines beauty anyways? Isn’t it God, the creator, who decides? And even if I’m physically butt ugly, should that really determine my self-worth?

I feel ugly on the inside because of the things that plague my thoughts and heart many many times throughout the day. I’m learning that those thoughts do not dictate who I am, where I’m headed, what I do, or my beauty!

I am not ugly! I am not my thoughts or my fears. I am who and what God made me!

There are things and experiences imprinted on my soul and heart, but I’m learning to overcome those things.

I’ve always believed I was marked for sexual abuse, but I know now that I AM marked by God. He has placed His seal upon me. And God’s mark trumps any markings from man!

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