Empty Loneliness

Voices, visions, faces, and pain swam through her mind at a quickened pace.

Her heart is made of gold, but her mind chaotic,

Her arms…empty.

She just wanted to be loved the way she loved.

To be respected and to be shown goodness.

In some other universe, maybe she would be.

But in this one…she doubted she’d find him.

The world loved to play games with her, encouraging and teasing her just to drop her.

What did she have to do to be loved? Pretend to be someone she’s not?

Beauty? She had none, not physically anyway.

Ugly to the bone? She fit that bill perfectly.

Goodness, kindness, acceptance, and love? That would always be who she was.

But though men say that’s what they want, skin beauty is all they truly desire.

Work, play, and love as hard as she can, but they place little value on her.

She’s just a non-impressive face in the crowd. The crowd made up of the normal to spectacular beauty.

Her face, her love, her voice…forgettable.

Not deserving of anything in return, only disgust.

She has so much to offer others,

but no one wants what she has.

So her arms remain…empty.

But filled with loneliness.

Brenda Matteson

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