Tears In Heaven

I know the pain you feel is great
Your heart almost refusing to beat
Your lungs refusing to fill themselves with air

The hopes you had for me now shattered
Dreams never realized My time with you cut way too short
So I wait for you here

As we walk these streets of gold
Worshiping our King of Glory Know that I will never be far from you

You will hear my voice in a soft whisper
Carried to you on the lips of a butterfly
You will feel my gentle kiss
As a raindrop hits your cheek just so

You will feel the strength of my embrace
As the sun warms you from above
You will feel me play in your hair
As the wind blows gently by

My laughter will be brought to you
Without warning and dropped into your ears
Familiar things I used to say
Will be said by others, even strangers

You will never forget me
I will live on in each one of your hearts
Memories of me will just come to you
That’s me visiting you and touching your hearts

I will also visit you in dreams
Though they may be painful at first
You will come to treasure those times too

I’m sorry to have left you so suddenly
I tried to stay and fight
I wish I could have said goodbye
But you know that I loved each of you dearly

The pain you’ve had to endure
The tears you’ve shed for me
Have filled many bowls here on heaven’s floor
Just know your prayers were heard

Even though you think they were not answered
I assure you, they were There are no tears in heaven, no sorrow
Nor are there any broken hearts

So I send my love to you
On the gentle and fragile wings
Of the majestic and beautiful butterfly.

By Brenda Matteson

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