To Bear The Weight Of Sin

Fallen soldier of glory

Marching to the sounds of your pain

The weight of your sin

Bearing down heavily on you

The sorrow and guilt of your agony

Is written plainly on your face

The heaviness in the depths of your heart

And the grief in the groaning of your unspoken words

Are carried along with the winds

Of the burdens of your shame

Lift your downcast head for just a moment

Listen not to the mockers all around

Preaching from their self-righteous planks

For even Christ with the cross

Could not bear the weight alone

The strength and company of a friend

From the crowd came a lending hand

And together, arm and arm

Walking side by side

They drug the heavy cross

And so it is with you and me

When life becomes a struggle

When we take the wrong roads

When we make the wrong choices
We must face it headlong

Make right our wrongs

Make tomorrow a better day

Tomorrow choosing the better way.

Aug 31, 2012

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